cnc cutting machine

main features

32M Momery Supports Neasting!
User Friendly!
Cutting Software for free!
72h Pre-Delivery Test!
Support Flame & Plasma
Affordable & Easy to Use
Portable & Lightweight
Precision : 0.4mm
User's Manual in English, Spanish, Russian
Perfect Anti-Plasma Noise Plan
Extendable Frame!
Input Power 180W
Total Machine Weight 70.5kg
Cutting Thickness (Flame) 5-150mm
Effective Cutting Range X:1200mm, Y:2000mm, Z:Automatically
Modes of Cutting Flame or Plasma
Combustive Gas Oxygen
Combustive Gas Pressure Max: 1.5MPa
Cutting Speed 0-600mm/min (Flame), 0-600mm/min
Electric Power 220AC/110AC, 60?50Hz
Torch Height Control Automatic
Cutting Software FastCAM or MTC

Powerful CNC Controller

CNC Controller with many new features:
32M Memory for Users' Programs
Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
Break-Point & Power-cut Restoration
Returning to Reference Point
Kerf Compensation
Mirror image

Advanced Stability

The introduction of guidiing rail in the x-axis of the machine, enables a more stable movement of the crossbeam and avoids the cutting head from declining.
Guiding System of the Cross Beam

Bigger Cutting Area

It cuts as wide as 2.0 meters (6.6ft.) and as long as 15 meters (48 ft.)

Easier Maintenance

Check up and maintenance of the controller can be done simply by removing the top cover.

Motor Enable/Disable Button

This feature allows the user to enable or disable the motors while power is on, guarantee the user's safety.

Standard package-flame/plasma


support nesting


so portable